Faccia Tosta is a “bad guy” new wine!

If you are a faccia tosta you will like it: infact it is a bold wine for bold people!

Moretti Omero presents a new wine: Montefalco Rosso riserva DOC Faccia Tosta. The journalist Johan De Groef describes it: “Almost inky black wine with a blood red edge. A heady nose of copious amounts of ripe black cherries, some cassis berries and a stew of blond tobacco. Then a mouthful of the same black-red fruit, some more crunchy blue plums spiced with some fringy black pepper. Stout onset with a youthful sangiovese fraîche that’s swaggered with elegantly robust sagrantino tannins. Roundly polished and juicy exciting this adolescent betrays its potential finesse. This Rosso riserva is young and yet already wise. He looks like Odysseus in his wild years. “

Character and seduction! This wine can be named Riserva after 30 months of aging, and we choose to put it for 14 months in oak barrels. While sipping it, listen to: “Bad Guy” of Billie Eilish.

— Giusy Moretti