What are the jobs that women can’t do?

We are in Giano dell’Umbria, in a picturesque landscape characterized by vineyards and olive trees, where the Moretti company was born.

Giusy tells us: “I strongly believe in the value that labels have. They are the clothes we put on our bottles. They are our business cards. It is essential to create a label able of expressing our identity. Taking care of the smallest detail demonstrates attention to the customer.”

Moretti today produces quality wines and extra virgin olive oils with respect for the environment. Genuine products linked to the land and they are a reflection of the values ​​of the entire family. In fact the company started with the paternal great grandparents: Domenico, who has worked for years in Switzerland as a construction worker, invested all his money in a small land. With the help of his wife and his son Giuseppe begins to produce wine in bulk and sell it to restaurants. In 1992 Omero started a certified organic production. Five years ago Giusy took up the baton and took over the leadership of the company. Giusy’s choice was not immediate: «I had decided to study what I loved the most: architecture. I graduated in architecture at 25 years old and initially I dreamed of going to work far away. Then I started thinking about what I was going to leave behind. »

«Above all, I was saddened by the idea of separating myself from this place, the possibility of being able to return to enjoy this panorama very few times and not being able to call it home anymore. So I took over the company to help my family with foreign relations. I know four languages, and I could help to make this company great. I realized this is my place. The path I have chosen is to make my land known abroad, a land I am in love with. I like to spread the principles we firmly believe in: respecting the environment; producing quality extravirgin olive oil and wine, made them in an artisanal and organic way, keeping alive those traditions that are our identity ».


Giusy has used all her energy to renew the company, to give identity to the family business, to care the beloved land in which she grew up.  “I grew up in this countryside, surrounded by a landscape that never ceases to enchant me, I feel deeply connected to it. Over the years I have observed the work of my grandparents and of my father, they worked with passion in this beautiful land “.

Moretti Giusy: labels as clothes

Giusy is aimed to present her products all over the world. Her family’s wine and extra virgin olive oil arrive overseas. They cross borders, cultural barriers and bring a made in Italy to the tables of families in faraway countries. Giusy tells us: “Telling the story behind a bottle of wine or oil is not easy. We had to reinvent ourselves and  devise the most effective way to get this story to reach the customers I strongly believe in the value that labels have. They are the clothes we put on our bottles. They are our business cards.”


“It is essential to create a label capable of expressing our identity. Taking care of it down to the smallest detail also demonstrates attention to the customer. Attention to every detail is a value that I have learned over time and the lessons I have learned from commercial relations with other countries have been fundamental “.

Japan first of all, they ask for a lot of pieces of information. Giusy continues: «I learned a lot from the relationship with the customer. It is a very precious source of knowledge that I treasure. I sell them the taste and scent of my land and they repay me with new ideas to learn from and to be grateful for ».

Agriculture is a job for women

Since childhood Giusy has grown up in an environment where you work hard to always stand out in terms of quality, where sacrifice and sweat fill the heart with pride because they are the only way to achieve a good result. Her grandmother, whom she saw working in the fields as a child, teaches her how the world of agriculture is also an environment for women. Unfortunately, over the years many will tell her otherwise, to tell her that working the land is a thing for men, that women do something else. So he tells us: «My grandmother started this company together with my grandfather. They have always done everything together from the beginning. They have always got their hands dirty next to each other. They worked hard every day of their life the same way.

Without my grandmother, this place probably wouldn’t have gotten to where it is today. When my father bought more hectares of land years ago to expand our production, there were many who said phrases like “But you have no sons! Females cannot work the land and take care of these things. You will not know who to leave this inheritance to “. Giusy concludes: «I, my grandmother and many other women, are proof that this is a sector for both men and women. That our contribution is no less than that of a man. We are suited to work in any kind of field just like they are. An ancient work, of values ​​and of great importance like ours, can not be tainted by limiting beliefs like these ».