Olio Extra Vergine d’Oliva BIOLOGICO
Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva BIOLOGICO

Certified organic olives. The farm has been organic certified since 1992.

Our extra virgin organic olive oil is a product symbolic of the Umbria region. A health juice that will fill your body full of vitamin E and polyphenols, and fill your spirit with the reinvigorating taste of Umbria.

Organoleptic features: It offers the maximum in genuineness and taste. The color is green with shades of yellow. Olive and artichoke aroma with a slightly bitter aftertaste. Good piquan­cy.

Excellent for bruschetta. Use raw on legume soups and meat grilled.

Olives varieties: Moraiolo, Frantoio, Leccino, San Felice (this one is an autochthonous cultivar from Giano dell’Umbria, our village).

Average altitude: 450 meters above sea level

Type of soil: clay.
Average age of olive trees: trees planted in 1985

Care of the trees: hand pruning, soil treatment with pruning leftover and organic fertilizing. Organic farming.

Harvest time: October

Harvesting technique:  mechanical harvesting. Healthy olives are placed in big crates and they are quickly carried to our frantoio. Cold-pressed

Acidity level: 0.20% at bottling.

Peroxide number: 7.20 at bottling.

Storage temperature: 10-14°C.

Product available in bottle 500 ml, bottle 750 ml, baginbox 3 Lt

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Scorta di olio

Ho comprato la bottiglia nel negozio Bioc'Bon di Viale Montenero. Ottimo rapporto qualità prezzo. Ho scritto una mail al produttore e la prossima settimana mi spediranno due lattine. Così ho la scorta per un po' di tempo!
- Marco


Ein wunderbares Olivenöl zu einem sehr attraktiven Preis. Ich habe es hier gefunden https://www.olio-costa.de/produkt/51-campo-millenario-olivenoel-von-ueber-1000-jahren-alten-baeumen
- Diefried

Bestes Olivenöl!

Eigentlich eher durch Zufall sind wir diesmal bei diesem Oliven und Weinbauern gelandet. Schöner Hofladen, wo stilvolle Verkostung der hauseigenen Olivenöle, Weine und Grappe angeboten wird. Besonders toll dass Öl vom "Campo Milenario", den uralten Olivenbäumen. Eine sehr schöne Brochüre mit Bildern aus den Olivenhainen gibt's gratis bei etwas größerer Abnahme, einfach danach fragen, wenn sie nicht ausliegt. Öl gibt es ab 0,25 ml bis zu 3 Liter-Flaschen 🙂
- Petra
Where can I get it?