A new label for Vignalunga

Montefalco Sagrantino DOCG Vignalunga is the expression of a single vineyard named Vignalunga that means “long vineyard” in Italian. This vineyard has only Sagrantino grape variety and it is our best wine so we have chosen for this Vignalunga cuvée a new fancy black and gold label.

If you’ve never tried a Montefalco Sagrantino, you’re in for a surprise. This indigenous Umbrian grape is hugely characterful with sumptuous notes. Definitely a collector’s wine, but great for a slow day too. It needs time to breathe, in fact, we suggest that you open it at least an hour before the meal. Give yourself over to luxurious relaxation.

The journalist Johan De Groef describes it: “The silky and supple tannins give it a very harmonious structure. The elegance of this Vignalunga cuvée is accompanied by a good length. We see it very well with antipasti, or gorgonzola; or even a chocolate dessert.”

While sipping it, listen to: “Valerie” di Amy Winehouse.

— Giusy Moretti